Iran Market Monitor

Iran Market Monitor is a Tehran-based consultancy firm dedicated to providing professional advice to organizations or individuals. Our primary purpose is to provide access to industry-specific specialists and business expertise. We are also committed to finding the ideal flexible workspace for our clients – wherever their business is going.

We cover from market research for your services or products to set up your business here in Iran and our talented people are market specialists, enabling them to offer free, impartial advice to help carry out market research, advertising, branding and find your dream workspace for your company setup in Iran and negotiate the best deal for your business.

We’re a fast growing, entrepreneurial business that delivers innovative property solutions built around our clients’ needs.

Our team includes experts who live and breathe our values. We only recruit the very best: we know that the better our people are, the better your new office will be.

Our mission

Our mission is to help you grasp clear insights into Iran’s market and widen your perspective to take a 360 degree view of your place in the market. We also guide people to consider their Strengths and Weaknesses as a company, and to identify potential Political, Social, Economic and Technological Opportunities and Threats in Iran’s marketplace which could impact their business. In the next step we look at ways in which you might use your strengths to compensate or deal with your weaknesses, capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate the threats. Thereby, we could help you in different phases such as company establishment, finding the stores, office for your business and all the services you need to launch your business in Iran. Our consultants bring up a wealth of experience and expertise gained through working with the market over 10 years.

Iran Market Monitor specialists are deeply interested in developing a strong working relationship with our high-value clients with the purpose of offering rigorous and constant assessment for our key clients’ needs.

Our values of integrity, collaboration, entrepreneurial spirit, and corporate responsibility direct our business ethics. We firmly believe that living our values is part of our identity.

Iran Market Monitor

Iran Market Monitor was established with the idea of helping small-to-large -size businesses with their strategic entry into the Iranian market by providing up-to-the-minute services for companies across a wide range of industries. It is our duty to help you set foot in the hub of the market and will support and usher you to success that remains rigid for the years to come.

We deliver customized insights and tips which are of the highest standards of consulting practice exploiting our 10 years of experience in the field. Our perfect amalgamation of proprietary market entry solutions, strong local connections and networking and competence will contribute to making the best use of your business potential and elevating your profits in Iran.

It is worth mentioning that there is high competition for American and European companies to enter into Iran’s market. You can benefit from our “true sense of the market” and overcome entry obstacles into the market. We assure that you can steer clear of making the wrong deals and offer tips on   doing business in our country.


If you select us as your consulting partner, you can leave your worries behind. What are the benefits that can be secured by such partnership?


  • Quicker and safer market entry process
  • Minimized initial investment
  • Use of our connections and networking to upgrade your brand
  • Capability to assess the market before making any long-term commitments
  • Access to our local distribution channel

We enjoy a professional team comprising experts and a wide array of services that will aid you in developing a well-defined and well-thought business plan and help you apprehend the dynamics of the Iranian market until you establish your name by combatting your competitors. We are of the opinion that every client deserves specific strategies tailored to their needs for entering the extensive, undisclosed and financially rewarding market of a country where no two businesses encounter identical challenges.

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